How to Publish

A. Government Advertisements:
Government Advertisements are given free of cost upon official request from concerned Departments.

B. Private advertisements:
Any adult or an adult on behalf of his guardianship for minors can give private Advertisements, in respect of change of name/signature/religion and correction of casts made on payment basis and on prescribed forms available from the Superintendent of Govt. Presses at the Government Central Press, Thiruvananthapuram and at various District Forms Offices directly or by post upon request. The cost of Forms will be collected later along with the advertisement charges. Documentary evidences should be produced in proof of all claims related with the advertisement.

Prevailing Advertisement Charges: 

Change of Name - Rs.1500
Change of Signature - Rs.2142
Change of Religion - Rs.1286
Correction of Castes - Rs.1286
Cost of Part IV of Gazette (1 Copy) - Rs.99
Cost of registered post parcel upto two copies of Part IV Gazette (Rupees 5 extra for every additional copies) - Rs.30
Cost of forwarding the Application to the Government Central Press, Thiruvananthapuram (for those submitted at the District Forms Offices) - Rs.30
Cost of Application Form - Rs.5

The appropriate fee can either be directly remitted at the above said offices on all working days between 10.30 a.m and 3.30 p.m or under the following heads of accounts in any Kerala Government Treasury.

  1. Cost of Gazette along with registered postage charges under the Head of Accounts "Sty & Ptg-0058 Cost of Gazette (102)"
  2. Advertisement Charges under Head of Account "Sty & Ptg-0058 Cost of Gazette (200)"