VOL. LVI No.23
Thiruvananthapuram, Tuesday 27th June 2011(17th Jyaishta 1933 )

PART - I Notification and Orders issued by the Government

General Administration (Special C) Department

Notification No. 24804/Spl. C2/2011/GAD dated 28th April 2011


Labour and Rehabilitation (G) Department

1. Order G.O. (Ms.) No. 52/2011/LBR dated 18th March 2011

Law (Legislation-C) Department

2. The Kerala University of Health and Allied Sciences Ordinance, 2010 (Ordinance No. 7 of 2010)

Health and Family Welfare (B) Department

3. Notification G. O. (Ms.) No. 299/2011/H & FWD dated 9th May 2011 (S.R.O. No. 351/2011)

Industries (B) Department

4. Notification G. O. (P) No. 130/2011/ID dated 23rd May 2011 (S.R.O. No. 352/2011)

5. Notification G. O. (P) No. 131/2011/ID dated 23rd May 2011 (S.R.O. No. 353/2011)

6. Notification G. O. (P) No. 132/2011/ID dated 23rd May 2011 (S.R.O. No. 354/2011)

7. Notification G. O. (P) No. 133/2011/ID dated 23rd May 2011 (S.R.O. No. 355/2011)

Ranked Lists

Supplement (Advice List)

Supplement (Advice List)

PART III-Notification by Head of Departments

Agriculture Department

Tender/Auction Notice—Tender Notice

Commissionerate of Land Revenue

Heirship Notices

Erratum Notices

Auction Notices

Jamabandy Notification

L. A. Notifications and Declarations

Co-operative Department

Cancellation of Registration

Education Department

Loss of Certificate—Short Tender Notice

Forest Department

Re-Auction/Tender Notice—Tender/Auction Notices

Ground Water Department

Tender Notice

Health Services Department

Tender/Auction Notice

Industries Department

Claim Notice

Irrigation Department

Tender Notices—Re-Tender Notices

Judicial Department

Auction Notice

Labour Department

Payments of Workmen’s Compensation

Marine Department

Tender Notice—Tender/Auction Notice— Re-Auction/Tender Notice

Medical Education Department

Tender Notice

Department of National Employment Services

Career Pamphlet

Public Works Department

Pre-qualification Tender Notices—Pre-qualification Re-Tender Notices—Tender Notices—Short Tender Notice—Re-Tender Notice

Registration Department

Release of Chitty Securities

Stores Purchase

Collegiate Education Department

Department of Indigenous Medicine

Health Services Department

Irrigation Department

Medical Education Department

Technical Education Department

Water Transport Department

PART IV-Private Advertisements and Miscellaneous Notifications

Change of Signature, Name and Religion

Court Notice

Notice of Chemists Kuries and Loans Private Limited

Notification of Kerala State Housing Board

Tender Notice of Museums and Zoos

Results of Kerala State Lotteries

Gazette Rate

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